The Oculus Go is already hitting store shelves


The app sent out smartphone notifications about the Oculus Go sale begin to the users who have subscribed to the Oculus Go tracker.

A separate report from UploadVR this morning notes that F8 developer attendees are likely to receive Oculus Go headsets for free. The price starts at $199, which will get you the model with 32GB of built-in storage.

It's been launched in 23 countries around the world including the United Kingdom and US.

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At launch, the device supports more than 1,000 games, apps, and VR experiences including Anshar Online, Arktika.1, Coaster Combat, Jurassic World: Blue, Masterworks: Journey Through History, Pet Lab, Republique, Space Explorers (NASA), and They Suspect Nothing.

Compared to the similarly-minded Samsung Gear it's a far superior proposition, both in terms of design and the fact it's a standalone device that doesn't use your phone as a surrogate screen.

The company has long maintained that bringing your hands into VR is more important than getting your head there. F8's official site now asks you to sign up to be emailed a link to the stream, but we're sure a public link will be made available as we get closer to kick off. A post on Reddit shows boxed headsets in a Best Buy glass display case, and Amazon has posted a pre-release page for the headset, as well. It also has a 3-button controller (powered by AA batteries) with a touch surface for navigation and movement.