So. Indiana police escort son of fallen officer to school


Heartwarming footage shows the youngster walking to the doors of his school, wearing his dad's badge around his neck, flanked by dozens of officers standing in solidarity for the fearless little boy.

The love and gratitude that people across the area have demonstrated toward Terre Haute police officer Rob Pitts was in evidence as his son returned to school for the first time since his father's death.

He stops and waves to someone behind the camera, and an officer then gives him a SWAT shirt. "Blood doesn't always make family, and I think the blue family just went above and beyond, ' said Kelli Jones, Officer Pitts" sister, told WHTI-TV.

On his first day back to school, the five-year-old did not want to show up alone.

When he arrived at his school in Sullivan he was greeted by 70 Terre Haute police officers and Vigo County sheriff's deputies.

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A three-hour standoff ensued before Wolfe opened fire from the second floor of the apartment, fatally striking Pitts.

Wolfe was also killed in the gunfire exchange.

"It's a brotherhood", Detective Les Hamm, Terre Haute Police said. The suspect had been linked to an earlier homicide.

He was a member of the Terre Haute Police Department for 16 years, following six years with the police force in the nearby city of Sullivan, where he lived and was buried. Especially for a fallen officer and his kid.

He is the first Terre Haute officer to die on duty since July 11, 2011.