Romney calls pastor a 'bigot'


Pastor Jeffress has been one of President Donald Trump's staunchest supporters in the faith community and said that Trump had "courage that no other us president has" had to move the embassy from Tel Aviv.

"Today is a historic moment when on the 70th anniversary of the re-establishment of Israel, the US embassy opens in Jerusalem", said Staver.

The ADL, in a statement to the press this morning, said: "We are disappointed by the selection of Pastor Robert Jeffress to offer a prayer at the historic dedication of the American Embassy in Jerusalem".

His apparent grudge against Catholics forced White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders to defend Jeffress after she was asked as to why a "viciously anti-Catholic" pastor's book gets an endorsement from President Trump.

Jeffress has declared homosexulity to be "a degradation of a person's mind", and said gay people are more likely to be pedophiles, He called the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling "the greatest, most historic landmark blunder" in the Court's history.

"Islam is a false religion", Smith said, quoting Jeffress.

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Jeffress endorsed Romney, who is Mormon, for president in 2012, The Hill reported. Jeffress serves on Trump's evangelical advisory panel and preached at the family's private service on Inauguration Day. The newspaper, which obtained a taped transcript of the speech, said the evangelist's comments were made when the conference was not in session. Jeffress later told reporters that he did not understand the controversy surrounding his comments since they reflected the views held by most evangelicals.

The man picked to lead a prayer at Donald Trump's much-vaunted opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, is a militant Baptist preacher, known, among other things, for calling Islam's Prophet Muhammad "a bloodthirsty warlord". "This moment would not have been possible were it not for President Trump's courage and the unwavering commitment of CUFI's 4.1 million members".

A number of prominent evangelical pastors have come to Jeffress' defense in light of Romney's criticism.

Greg Laurie also responded to Romney's tweet by stating that he is "glad" that Jeffress was able to give a prayer at the opening in Jerusalem.

Last year, President Donald Trump declared Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, halting all efforts to bring peace between Israel and Palestine, inciting further violence and war between the two groups of people fighting over the region.

"You can't be saved by being a Jew", he said.