Planes warned over ash plume from Hawaii volcano


"We don't want to give wrong messages not only to our island but to the rest of this country".

Fantastic photos from a golf course on Hawaii's Big Island show an ominous ash cloud rising from the Kileau volcano.

A magnitude 4.2 quake at 8:36 a.m. was centered near the summit of Kilauea, according to Pacific Tsunami Warning Center officials.

Thousands living near Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano are nervously watching the spread of lava and ashfall.

Lava from that fissure is "racing" toward the ocean at 20 yards per hour.

"The resulting ash fall can lead to crop failure, animal death and deformity, and human illness".

Tourism in Kona on the other side of the Big Island was suffering from the negative publicity, Okabe said. Tuesday's ash cloud, however impressive, was not it.

In fact, the fountains were the highest recorded in Hawaii throughout the entire 20th century, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Is volcanic ash poisonous
GETTYIs volcanic ash poisonous

The plume also signifies that residents of the Big Island "need to expect that it will become more explosive", Rick Hazlett of the USGS told ABC News.

Kilauea has been erupting almost continuously for more than three decades.

Coombs added that geologists were not sure what had caused the intensified ash emissions Tuesday. "If you don't need to be out in it, don't be out in it".

Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim said lava relief services are in place, with evacuation centers on the Paho district housing people unable to return home.

The break sent its pool of lava back underground. But water may not be entering the crater, as feared, and gas and steam may be safely venting, scientists said.

Fears are growing that Hawaii's Kilauea is heading for a major volcanic eruption.

To date, at least 21 fissures have formed along a northeast-southwest line in the rift zone, most in the Leilani Estates neighborhood, which was evacuated more than two weeks ago. The eruption has destroyed 25 homes and covered 115 acres in lava. Fissure 17 remains active. Lava has burst from the ground to tear through housing developments and farmland, threatening one of the last exit routes from coastal areas, state Highway 132.

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