Judge orders man, 30, to move out of parents' home


Michael Rotondo attempted to answer the claims and stated in a motion to dismiss that "he is a family member, who can not be evicted" and cited a 2006 legal case of Kosa v. Legg, placing the blame on his parents for violating law by forcing him out of their home without enough notice.

Christina and Mark Rotondo say they've been trying to get their 30-year-old son, Michael Rotondo, to leave their home for several months.

Mark and Christina Rotondo first asked Michael to move out of the family home in Camillus, upstate NY, in February, giving him 14 days to leave.

More letters were sent over the following weeks including offers to help Michael by giving him $1,100 and advice on how to deal with his broken auto, reported the NY Post, but to no avail.

Michael Rotondo said "this is outrageous" after Judge Donald Greenwood announced the decision on Tuesday. You will not be allowed to return (sic),"Syracuse.com quotes from the first eviction letter sent on February 2".

That order capped a surreal 30-minute court appearance in which Rotondo didn't deny that his parents had given him multiple orders to leave their 408 Weatheridge Drive home. A judge ordered Michael to leave the family home.

He steadfastly refused and insisted they violated state laws by not giving him a proper six months' written notice, the station reported.

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They signed off the letter with: "Christina and Mark Rotondo".

Of note the son's birth came during a brief interlude when Rotondo actually did live outside the family home, while telling never having been married to or been in a relationship with the child's mother.

Consequently, the Rotondo couple knocked on the top court door on May 7.

Rotondo told HLN he did not know why his parents have pushed for him to leave so quickly.

Eventually, after a one-month removal notice lapsed on March 15th, the elder Rotondos turned to the judicial system as a last resort.

The 30-year-old said he was going to appeal the decision which he said was ridiculous.

Y'know that one friend who absolutely refuses to move out of home, no matter how awkward it gets as they try to live as a fully fledged adult while still under their parents' roof?