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Regarding the cookies, share buttons and comment boxes, Apple announced that it's "shutting that down" by issuing a pop-up warning every time a company tries to use those features to track you.

As is its wont, Apple previewed the next version of its iOS mobile operating system during this week's Worldwide Developers Conference, and while it offers a number of new features and capabilities, a few in particular reflect broader trends in the mobile industry.

Going further, Screen Time will also break down how often you pick up your phone, which apps you used the most after picking up your phone, and how many notifications are received based on a per-app basis.

Today NPR spoke directly with Apple CEO Tim Cook about the revelations that hardware makers had access to personal data in the Facebook app. NPR's Laura Sydell was there and joins us now.

"We're empowering people with the facts that will allow them to decide for themselves how they want to cut back", said Cook. This is bound to prove useful for parents as they'll be able to limit their children's screentime on Apple devices.

Industry players wary of tariff war, in spite of potential benefits
The official said a range of issues remain to be resolved but the USA looks forward to continuing the negotiations with Canada . Trudeau said Thursday that the process imploded after Vice President Pence demanded that a renewed deal expire in five years.

The announcement by Apple comes amid a growing focus on protecting privacy following a Facebook data scandal and new rules being enforced.

You can set per-app or overall-usage time limits, manage app access for other users (such as children), set up warning pop-ups when you're close to hitting a preset usage time limit, and more. In addition, Apple says when your browser is searching the web, they've made it more hard for, say, a company like Facebook to track where you go, and that is definitely a way that Facebook collects information.

In its own rebuttal, Facebook said the agreement with Apple and other firms allowed users to streamline their Facebook experience before the app store made it possible to do so.

Now, Apple is raising the bar to allow for 32 simultaneous FaceTime users. You can see the results in the new News, Stocks, Voice Memos, and Home apps for macOS Mojave, which Federighi said were ported over from iOS with "very few code changes".

Cook said he'd been testing them out and was alarmed at what he found.