US, South Korea move closer to halting war games


Finally, the North Koreans claimed that at the summit, Trump agreed to a phased North Korean denuclearization, with step-by-step relief from economic sanctions for the North. Administration officials subsequently have thrown cold water on this approach, declaring that no sanctions relief would be forthcoming until North Korean denuclearization was irreversible.

When a reporter at the White House later asked him to clarify, Trump replied, "I'm kidding".

On the proposed "hotline" between Trump and Kim, Kang said its establishment does not seem imminent.

"He speaks and his people sit up at attention".

In reality, the work of trying to solve the problem posed by North Korea's nuclear weapons has just begun.

"We got along very well, we had a good chemistry".

Downes, who visited North Korea in 2016, said he has since been told the North may have the remains of more than 200 American service members that were likely recovered from land during farming or construction and could be easily returned.

"People want their loved ones to come home", said Pritchard.

The president also spoke in the interview about the economic sanctions on Pyongyang, which were ramped up previous year in response to North Korea's testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles and its sixth nuclear weapons test.

The Post also notes that Trump was impressed with how "tough" the North Korean guards were, demonstrating further his affinity for the trappings of authoritarianism. "Even got our hostages/remains!" he said.

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Considering Trump has been known to irritate relationships with allies rather than calming tensions, it's no surprise the political pugilist didn't let the nuclear summit last week get in the way of taking a swing at our neighbors to the north, calling Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "weak and dishonest".

President Trump described the exercises as "very provocative" and said the move would "save us a tremendous amount of money".

Kyodo, however, added that some experts see a 15-year timeline for the North's complete denuclearization.

The president took pains to defend himself from criticism that the agreement was too weak and that he had given Kim the legitimacy he sought by simply meeting with him.

It was the latest example of a Trump remark about strongmen leaders - delivered in a deadpan style - to fall flat and fuel perceptions among his critics that the president admires autocrats.

"Honestly, I think he's going to do these things".

Earlier this month, U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said the status of U.S. troops in South Korea would not be on the table during the meeting between Trump and Kim.

"Trump had an idea about how to counter the nuclear threat posed by North Korea, which he got after speaking to Russian President Vladimir Putin: If the US stopped joint military exercises with the South Koreans, it could help moderate Kim Jong Un's behavior", the Journal reported.

The official predicted that if the leaders make a phone call, they will discuss how to implement the statement adopted in Singapore.