What behind the crisis in Germany's government?


However the dispute ends, it has exposed her government's fragility at a hard time for the continent.

Ironically, Seehofer, leader of the right-of-center Christian Social Union (CSU) in Merkel's ruling coalition, did not support the chancellor's policy of admitting more than one million asylum seekers into Germany since 2015.

If Seehofer decides to go it alone, Merkel would have to fire him, sparking an unprecedented CDU-CSU split, political scientist Heinrich Oberreuter told business daily Handelsblatt.

Trump has sought to use the widespread outrage over the family separations to push through other immigration priorities that have stalled in Congress, such as funding for his long-promised wall along the Mexican border. The CSU has governed Bavaria since 1957.

Merkel has long insisted that migration is a Europe-wide problem that can be solved only through a Europe-wide agreement, and that adopting Seehofer's position would spell the end to freedom of movement throughout the European Union, a cornerstone of membership in the bloc.

Citing this report, Newsmax asked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders where the president got his claim German crime was "way up".

Merkel stressed Monday that she doesn't want to see Germany unilaterally turn back migrants at its borders, as Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has been advocating.

Italy wants to adapt current European Union asylum guidelines in favour of "a new approach that is more harmonious, so that whoever sets foot in Italy, sets foot in Europe", Conte said. It threatens to topple the government and potentially end the political career of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, an anti-migration hardliner, was invited to CSU meetings.

Supporters of German AfD wave flags in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, Sunday, May 27, 2018.

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Speaking to dpa on Tuesday, Bavarian governor Markus Soeder (CSU) expressed skepticism that Merkel would succeed in meeting the tight deadline set by the CSU.

Soeder and the CSU's ambitious top lawmaker in Berlin, Alexander Dobrindt, have sounded even tougher than Seehofer lately in demanding immediate action on immigration.

Holger Schmieding, chief economist at Berenberg Bank said: "This is definitely the worst crisis she has faced in her 13 years as German chancellor".

In her podcast, Merkel also said Germany and France, the EU's strongest axis despite some differences, would try to give new momentum to European cooperation on foreign, defence and security policy to contribute to a strong and unified Europe.

The EU has given aid and money to countries from Turkey and Jordan to Libya and Niger.

The aim is to make the European Union more independent from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The EU could take steps to stop asylum seekers moving on from the country in which they are registered and start deciding asylum requests at centres to be established beyond EU borders in the future, according to a draft summit statement.

However, Merkel has been unyielding in defending her initial decision to keep Germany's borders open, telling lawmakers earlier this month that "in an exceptional humanitarian situation, Germany behaved very responsibly".

Another poll released Friday found that 66 percent of respondents are in favor of a European solution to the refugee issue, promoted by Chancellor Merkel.