Samsung is investigating claims of photos randomly sending to contacts


You could try using a different texting app and/or revoking the Samsung Messages' app's photo permissions to be safe.

Samsung is encouraging those experiencing this issue to call the company directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.

The scariest part about this bug is that when Samsung Messages bugs out sends pics to other people, it reportedly doesn't leave any evidence of it doing so, which means people may not know their photos have been released into the wild until it's too late.

Deny storage permissions for Samsung Messages in the Settings, and keep in mind to continue to deny them if you open the app!

The T-Mobile update seems to be occurring automatically, and many users may not realize their phones have already updated.

Several posters on Reddit and other forums have begun claiming that their Samsung phones have been sending entire photo galleries to unsuspecting people.

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'Um, this is disturbing, ' one person said.

User jdrch summed up a common fear: "Do S9s come with divorce lawyers?"

Another Redditor said: "Give me a spontaneously exploding phone any day of the week, Samsung, instead of this nightmare scenario". Affected phones so far include at least the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9. The mostly likely cause for the problem is a recent update to Samsung Messages, the default texting app for Samsung phones.

It is believed the bug could be due to a new messaging standard called RCS, which is created to make texting look more like a messaging app, complete with read receipts and typing indicators.

Many complaints posted online are from people who said they are T-Mobile customers and recently updated Samsung Messages, leading to a theory that the issue may have been triggered by the carrier's recent RCS (Rich Communication Services) updates. The issue is from Samsung's end as T-Mobile has confirmed its not an issue from its end.